Harris Tweed Hit Top Sneakers! Do I want these?

I think I do!




Just love them! I really like the fact they’ve got the Harris Tweed label on the tongue, very cool. Incidentally, I can’t remember if I’ve posted these before, I know I have come across them in the past, but I don’t think I did share them, how remiss of me!

Bye for now, catch you all later



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Union Flag briefs!

Ok, so I decided to make some Union flag briefs! For some reason I’ve wanted some for ages, eh I don’t know, I’m a bit of an Anglophile, if you hadn’t gathered that already.

I’m not entirely happy with them, but here they are anyway. The pattern needs a little work (bit to ‘low rise’ at the moment haha) and the applique could be much neater. I think if I make another pair I’ll just stencil them, but I’ll need to get some dye rather than the fabric paint I’ve got, since that tends to make the fabric a bit stiff, not what you want 😉

I did consider just putting them on, but then thought better of it on reflecting how skinny; white; and hairy I am :p But if you have a morbid fascination; you’re feeling brave; or that’s your thing (surely not?) you can see me wearing them here.

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Viona art – Amazing fairytail gothic!

Copyright Viona-art

Wooo, Amazing! I’d love to make something like this, do a whole Gothic collection maybe. 

That flesh coloured backing in the corset is rather… interesting, makes you do something of a double take.


You should definitly check out Viona Art, truely amazing stuff!

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USB Record Player Turntable!!

Oh wow! Want! Sooo cool! This would be so much better than the old turntable which actually is currently plugged into my laptop haha ;D

(Source: tdwgeeks.files.wordpress.com)


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I’m Broguen hearted!

ASOS Leather Brogue BootLook at these things! They’re exquisite! I would love a pair of these 😀 You can get them from ASOS, here, but they’re out of stock 😦

I really like the shape of them, not too rounded/snub; but not too long. And not too pointy either (although, perhaps there’s no such thing? :p Actually, on second thoughts, maybe in a brogue there is). Anyway, they’re great, and would most likely look just as good, I think, with a suit or jeans.

Ah well, just a quick post today, to bring you tidings of great boots, following up my post before last (if I recall rightly).

Until next time,


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$50 3-piece suit! Oh the joys of Opp. shopping!


I oomed and aahed about getting this suit. For about 40 seconds. It does have a few stains, but hopefully they’ll come out 😀

Note the reversible waistcoat!

So what do you think? Dandy or what? I’m not sure that you’d call it tweed exactly, but still, pretty spiffy for $50. Those Brogue’esque things adorning my feet are Rebock believe it or not and came in at the not hefty price of $10. Oh Opp shopping I do love you so.




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Gosh I really must curb my shopping a little ;p

Anyway, until next time good chaps and dear ladies,

x x

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Brogues and the Country Gentleman

Sure it’s slightly louche, but I just love the relaxed, grunging down of classic style. I especially dig those brogues.

I’m really loving that touch of classic gentleman look at the moment. Anything that is reminiscent of a golden age when men really looked sharp at every occasion. Maybe a bit of tweed, a nice blazer perhaps. Or some good brogues. Even if they’re brogue sneakers 😀 As my friend Mr. Puffington puts it, “I want the hell out of these”.






I think it was my little fall fashion shoot that got me in the mood for the English country gent look. Did I just say fall?! I’m just going outside now to beat myself with something blunt until I’m all the colours of the union flag! Gosh do I have no shame?

Anyway, I’m digging this, Ralph Lauren Fall 2010. Rather Bertie Wooster don’t you think?

One day I’ll have a car (and learn to drive, overcoming my fear of killing someone with a high-speed metal box on wheels) and I shall own a country estate and dress in wonderful tweeds. I’ll invite you out to the country for the weekend, what a smashing time we’ll have. I say Tally ho! chaps.

That reminds me, I do love Bertie’s car!  A 1928 Aston Martin 1½ Litre International apparently. Isn’t she a beauty?

But back to where I stared, it occurs to me that this modern, more casual and relaxed age does bring comfort and freedom, which many may argue more than makes up for loss in style. While I do reluctantly agree, I also grieve a bit for the bygone age of suits, not just for business but for recreation and relaxation. There was a certain class and romance about it one can’t help feeling. I do however comfort myself with the thought that this kind of gentlemanly style and relaxed comfort are not mutually exclusive (is that the right phrase?).

As demonstrated a little in my post apropos Doctor Who and again here by Mr. Depp, weather you love him or hate him (and his outfits, you have to admit that with the right kind of attitude and so on, you can combine classic style with comfort! Blending gentlemanly attire with a more layed back, devil may care (but I don’t) air of utter relaxation. Despite these fast times a suit need not make one look like a ‘square’ ;p

Then there are those that may well scorn this concoction, considering it crass, and in a certain mood I might be among them, but right now I applaud it, this grungy, pick and mix Suavepunk.

It’s like a cocktail; take the ingredients you like, shake them up; and serve with a slice of panache :p

Well, that’s about it although I may add some more pictures to illustrate what I’m trying to say (when I fully realize what that might be).

But until next time,


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