Human Constructs: Acquaintances; Friends; Lovers

A tenuously related illustration.

This is a thought that I’ve pondered often. Can we truly know somebody? Anyone? Can we truly know ourselves for that matter?

When you think about it, everything we experience; everything we ‘know’ is filtered through our senses and/or our perception of the information received. If you’ve seen a film like The Matrix or one of those quantum physics films/documentaries, then you may well get that idea of ‘how do we know what is real?’ Is something real simply because our senses tell us so? etc etc.

It’s a fascinating and complex existential debate, if existential is the right word, philosophical at any rate. I guess that’s the most fundamental question about reality and our experience of it, what is it?

So that’s all quite deep and unfathomable’ish, but what about when it comes to our experience of people? How we perceive them; their personalities; even their appearance. Is the person we think we know really that person? Obviously not, we’ve all been surprised (hurt?) by people. And I imagine we all have different ‘sides’ to our personality, different ways of behaving with certain people, and in different circumstances. So none of that is particularly new.

But one day it occurred to me that, actually, you never really know a person, as such, but instead a sort of ‘construct’. A sort of mixture of your experience of them, filtered by the way you interpreted your experience of them, possibly effected to some extent by other peoples’ attitudes and your understanding of those attitudes. In a way you could think of it like an ‘avatar’ on a forum or instant messenger etc. Even when it is a genuine picture of the person you’re talking with, it’s not the actual person themselves, it merely represents them. Not to mention your screen may be a bit screwed up and so you think their hair is kind’a green. Well no, probably not, but you see what I mean yes?

Anyway, definitely something to ponder. And remember, we give things meaning by our interpretation of them.The boy who watches others laugh from across the room and so feels left out, is often alone and left out because he is across the room. It would be very difficult for him to be included from such a distance. :p



About tobias 'lockhart'

Hello there, I’m Tobias. I’m male; in my late 20s, straight and eccentric. I’m finally beginning to accept that I’m really not your typical bloke; but that’s probably alright. Although my interests are many and varied, my primary areas of said interest tend toward art; fashion and costume; and that which sits or sprawls somewhere between them. I have a Diploma in Performance Technology, Majoring in Wardrobe/Costume; and you might say a Doctorate in being indecisive with post graduate honors in being not entirely sure what I want to do. Welcome to my musings on life, fashion and other things. etc.
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2 Responses to Human Constructs: Acquaintances; Friends; Lovers

  1. Dru says:

    Hey you’re on to something there. How do we know what “real” is? I love that thing you said about things being similar to an avatar in forums. You could be looking at the actual picture but then there could be something wrong with your monitor O.o

    • Thanks mate, appreciate it 😀 I think it’s an interesting concept huh? Another analogy that just came to mind is when you read something, your understanding of what you read is governed by your interpretation, which is effected by past experience/knowledge, and ‘authorial intention’ has no baring on your ‘reading’ or understanding of the text.

      You might befriend the most open and honest person in the world and still be blind to who they really are.

      Or perhaps we are incapable of truly comprehending ‘who’ a person is? Which further raises the question of what what actually defines a person; what is the core of our being? Is it our thoughts and feelings? Or perhaps partly our actions? I don’t know, more likely the combination of all these things, which of course someone looking on can never completely perceive or fathom. Anyway, rant; rant; ramble haha
      Thanks again 😀

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