Garments + Attitude = Style

johnny depp accessories

Unashamedly borrowed from 'Style With Anna'

It occurred to me one night that wearing something wonderfully fashionable doesn’t necessarily make you fashionable; hip; stylish.

In the same light, wearing something odd & quirky or decidedly unfashionable, doesn’t necessarily negate looking cool; hip; stylish. If you’ve got the guts and the right attitude almost anything can work.

I guess a lot of the time when it comes to fashion/style and attitude, one thing goes with the other: you’re in a certain mood, or you know strongly who you are and the clothes back it up. Or you know the ‘persona’ you want to portray; the clothes go on; you look in the mirror and see this new you; and you feel in character, as it were.

But what if you throw something on (not suggesting a hurried and careless dressing, of course)  and fail to feel in the right mood for it, should you persevere?

Actually, where am I going with all this?

Who knows, I’ll have to think on it some more. But I guess what I’m saying is, to make a particular ensemble/style work, and I mean really sell it, you have to be in the right frame of mind, build it on the right attitude. You accessorize with the walk; the posture; the mannerisms.

I know I’ve ended up parodying myself a bit, but I think there could be something in it. Look at celebrities who get away with outlandish clothing (I’m thinking Russell Brand for example), surely it’s the confidence and devil may care (but I don’t) attitude that let’s them more or less get away with it? (and the fact that they’re celebrities)

So, at the end of the day, the success of an “outfit” often, if not always, rests almost as much on the way you carry it as what it actually is. The way you put things together and how you wear them are what makes it yours. As the old adage goes, ‘it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it’.


About tobias 'lockhart'

Hello there, I’m Tobias. I’m male; in my late 20s, straight and eccentric. I’m finally beginning to accept that I’m really not your typical bloke; but that’s probably alright. Although my interests are many and varied, my primary areas of said interest tend toward art; fashion and costume; and that which sits or sprawls somewhere between them. I have a Diploma in Performance Technology, Majoring in Wardrobe/Costume; and you might say a Doctorate in being indecisive with post graduate honors in being not entirely sure what I want to do. Welcome to my musings on life, fashion and other things. etc.
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