Trench Coat by Working Style

This particular example of the classic trench coat is made by the NZ tailors and clothing shop ‘Working Style‘, and I have to say, I really love it. It’s well dapper.

Anyway, this is what they have to say about it, since I don’t think I could put it better myself ;D

We’re not sure if anybody else has noticed, but it tends to rain an awful lot here in New Zealand. As cliched as it might sound, Four Seasons in One Day isn’t just a pop song, it’s a reality for most of us. So what do you do when you’re out and about, minding your own business, and you’re suddenly caught in an unexpected downpour? Thomas Burberry had the solution in 1901, and 108 years later, Working Style has cottoned on.

The trench coat was designed by Thomas Burberry (yes, that Burberry) as an alternative to the heavy greatcoats worn by soldiers prior to World War One. Originally made in gabardine – the heavy cotton drill also created by Thomas Burberry (he was a clever chap wasn’t he?) – the coat was favoured by soldiers as an all weather jacket on the front line, and came into popularity as a fashionable item when veterans wore the coats along with their civvy clothes. Since then it’s found its way onto the backs of the natty and notorious alike – from Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca to Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget.

But here’s why it’s the perfect all weather coat for the New Zealand man. First off, it’s waterproof. Second, it’s perfectly tailored to fit over your suit. Third, it has all sorts of romantic notions of well dressed Brits, heroes and soldiers. Fourth, it creates a perfect long line from shoulder to just above the knee, lengthening your body and giving the illusion of height. Our designers at Working Style have worked long and hard to create a trench coat with all the classic tailoring you’d expect, but in a lightweight, advanced, water repellent durable cotton. Get it in New Zealand-esque black and you’ll be the envy of all your less sartorially savvy and more rained on associates.

Working Style Trench Coat – $790.

Working Style Blog. (2010-05-23). ‘Trench Coats’

Well! I think I know what I’m wearing next winter! Thought I’ll be making my own, not having that kind of money to hand.

Oh… hang on, I’m pretty sure I have one in the back of my wardrobe! But then, it’s not as nice as this, so still, there’s definitely a project there 😀


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