Hurray I fixed my connection!

My network/internet connection has been buggy for about a year. It been slowly getting worse until yesterday I struggled to just log in to Word Press ;(

So today, I’d decided that my mother must have pushed some heavy piece of rubbish, perhaps some shelves or something onto my cable and damaged it, a horrifically plausible explanation. So, with much grumbling and barely suppressed frustration/annoyance, I resigned myself to trying to fix it when I could get around going to the shops and getting a new plug and maybe some more either-net cable if I couldn’t find some lying around or selvage atleast part of the existing one.

However, I thought I should probably check to see if I could make it work with another cable, even though I was pretty certain that was the problem. Oh NO! That didn’t work either, and neither did the next one I tried (in another port of the router as well). So this left me with the realization, and accompanying sinking feeling, that there was probably something wrong with the hardware in my laptop. Unlikely to be easily or cheaply fixed.

Imagine my joy and elation on finding out, after a quick web search (that I wish I’d bothered to do about a year ago ;D ) that sometimes the connection can drop due to the network speed auto detect function not working properly, or the computer and router trying to auto detect at the same time!

Ok so, all I had to do is manually adjust the settings for my network card 😀 Set the ‘Media’ type (connection speed) to “10Mbps Full Duplex” (full duplex meaning that data can travel in both directions at once, duplex coming from the same root word as dual I guess) and wam zap wonderbar! it works better than it has in AGES! YAY!

I did try 100Mbps, but that didn’t seem to work for some reason. I’m pretty sure I should be able to run my eithernet network at that speed, but oh well ;(

Still, it works, and that’s the main thing.




About tobias 'lockhart'

Hello there, I’m Tobias. I’m male; in my late 20s, straight and eccentric. I’m finally beginning to accept that I’m really not your typical bloke; but that’s probably alright. Although my interests are many and varied, my primary areas of said interest tend toward art; fashion and costume; and that which sits or sprawls somewhere between them. I have a Diploma in Performance Technology, Majoring in Wardrobe/Costume; and you might say a Doctorate in being indecisive with post graduate honors in being not entirely sure what I want to do. Welcome to my musings on life, fashion and other things. etc.
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