I’m Broguen hearted!

ASOS Leather Brogue BootLook at these things! They’re exquisite! I would love a pair of these 😀 You can get them from ASOS, here, but they’re out of stock 😦

I really like the shape of them, not too rounded/snub; but not too long. And not too pointy either (although, perhaps there’s no such thing? :p Actually, on second thoughts, maybe in a brogue there is). Anyway, they’re great, and would most likely look just as good, I think, with a suit or jeans.

Ah well, just a quick post today, to bring you tidings of great boots, following up my post before last (if I recall rightly).

Until next time,



About tobias 'lockhart'

Hello there, I’m Tobias. I’m male; in my late 20s, straight and eccentric. I’m finally beginning to accept that I’m really not your typical bloke; but that’s probably alright. Although my interests are many and varied, my primary areas of said interest tend toward art; fashion and costume; and that which sits or sprawls somewhere between them. I have a Diploma in Performance Technology, Majoring in Wardrobe/Costume; and you might say a Doctorate in being indecisive with post graduate honors in being not entirely sure what I want to do. Welcome to my musings on life, fashion and other things. etc.
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