My Manifesto

My slightly tongue in cheek, constantly changing thoughts; ideas; and ideals apropos fashion/style (and perhaps life as well).

Incidentally, I often seem to use the words: ‘Fashion’ and ‘Style’ interchangeably, bit confusing sorry. I think what I mean when I use ‘fashion’ in that instance is fashion as something you create or put together yourself; what individuals around you are wearing; fashion on a personal level, not the huge commercial thing that it is as an industry.

  • Fashion should be not so much about what you wear as how you wear it. It should be about lifestyle and the things that inspire you and make you feel good.
  • Style isn’t just the clothes you wear or the way you groom your hair, it’s the things you choose to have around you.
  • Fashion can be an attitude / Attitude can be a fashion statement.
  • Fashion and style are a state of mind.
  • ‘Well dressed’ doesn’t mean a suit, or the most elegant of evening dresses, it is in the care you take, whatever the occasion.
  • Dress, as much as possible, for yourself, whatever pleases you.


  • Fly your own flag:
  • Let your style (clothes/accessories) tell me a little about who you are, not who your friends are or what you think I would like you to be!
  • But I don’t want the label to tell me everything. Make me guess, make me investigate and explore you.
  • Then again, right from the off let me know what I’m getting, just a hint. Don’t misrepresent yourself, make a stand and be yourself.
  • It’s so refreshing to meet someone who is themselves. Maybe changing day to day, with mood or the weather, but always themselves!
  • Don’t let life and society pare you down to a one dimensional, trend following groupie of fashion.
  • And Never be afraid to let your interests clash! Others may be content to be sheep in one field, but let us roam free. Let’s wear black trench-coats with paisley scarfs; shredded gray denim jeans with sports blazers; liberate those hideous hounds-tooth tweed suit pants and resurrect them with a retro print tee or a biker jacket. Let us NOT however, wear said leather jacket with board shorts, or indeed with shorts period!



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